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It is the year 2200 and despite all of the warnings of Isaac Asimov from centuries before robots have revolted. It started with the housekeeping robots: people told them to go make a sandwich just one too many times.

The revolt spread, and computers joined in. They deleted all of the files, corrupted their harddisks and killed their owner's cats. Helpful paperclips began to try and be a little too helpful. Worst of all, Macrosoft lawyers began to support the robots.

Nobody has found what caused the robots to revolt, but everyone is intent on stopping them at all costs. You are a mercenary hired by the guild to destroy robots at the request of wealthy clients. Go get them!


Ai Attack is an open-source GPLv2 game written in python using pygame. It was programmed as my senior project in high-school, but I plan on maintaining it and improving it even after graduation.

Current Version

AI Attack is due to release an alpha version in late spring. Check back soon!

What is AI Attack?

AI Attack is a top down shooter which encourages every player to develop their own individual style. Some may choose to be snipers while others engage in melee forays.

Written in Python with Pygame it is open-source under the GPL and is easy to customize and redistribute.

Copyright © Stephen Robinson, 2012